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The subscription platform where creators can monetize their content with crypto and NFTs, all while connecting with their biggest fans.

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Start referring content creators and getting paid in crypto. You can Earn 5% of the creators earnings when they sign up using your referral link. You can find your referral link in your profile settings section.

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About us

Decentralized Subscription
payments are the future!

Desu is a unique social platform for content creators and their subscribers to support and interact with each other. Desu’s goal is to provide any content creator an alternative payment solution to old financial institutions through decentralized technology like cryptocurrency and NFT’s.

Full Fledged NFT Marketplace with Auctions
Instant Payments: No more waiting! No more holding periods!
No Chargebacks: Crypto payment are final! No returns!
Crowdfunding: Fund your Passion or Cause.

Recurring Crypto Payments!

DESU is the only platform in the world that offers creators monthly recurring crypto payments!

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You could earn an estimated $200 USD per month*

* Based on an estimate of 5% of your followers who subscribe (Does not include payment processor fees)

* Includes the 20% platform fee